Rex is mischief incarnate. He slithers and scampers into anywhere his curiosity drives him. If he finds food, he’ll lick it, or perhaps just chomp a chunk right out of it. If he finds something shiny, he’ll gather it in his nest.  If he finds something he doesn’t like, he’ll bury it in the flowerbeds or in the dirt of houseplants.

This has resulted in a few unusual… incidents. Having buried trinkets and crystals imbued with all kinds of spells or effects, the local gardens are now prone to producing strange plants and enchanted fruits. Most of the plants have been quite benign and only mildly magical, but there have been a few troublesome creations, too. Only a few weeks back, the neighbouring garden was under attack from some aggressive rhubarb – its giant leaves would slap at anyone in reach. Quite comical, but sore after a while.

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