Moon Chasers

Some mages have clear jobs, easy to see, making potions or remedies, selling charms or enchantments, telling fortunes and futures, or studying in grand halls. But there are those jobs rarely seen, little heard of, and often underappreciated, and Dee and her mage Leah are often met with surprise when anyone asks about their career – they are “moon chasers,” and they study the wild at certain times of the lunar calendar to see how moons effect anything from dragons to fae to spirits.

Due to their late nights, it is no wonder the study is little heard of, but it is vital to the understanding of some spirits and certainly the fae – fae can be notoriously mischievous during full moons. Moon chasers like Dee and Leah have uncovered many secrets, such as the legendary bubbling water of Spinner Lake, which turned out to be a spirit cleaning out the lake bottom in the bright moonlight, or the new moon fights of dragons where grudges are settled, or the changing unicorn of Peril Hill, which shifts from a scrappy, grassy form to one like crystal, clear and bright and fragile, just for the few hours of full moon’s light.

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