Bad Hare Day

Bad hair days effect us all, but Butterburr has turned hiding it into an art form. Seasonal flowers, a fashionable but discreet scarf, perhaps some trinkets or a headband or a hat, they all help hide any scruff spots.

As familiars are closer to wild animal companions than they are pets, you might wonder why one would ever be self-conscious at all. Familiars often feel that they represent their mage just as much as the mage represents themselves, and the two often try to be complementary or, if the natures are wholly different, to be distinct in their own right. But neither wishes to reflect badly on the other, and familiars don’t like to be dirty or messy in case it makes their mage look sloppy or careless. In truth, few people even notice if a familiar looks a little scruffy one day, and with days spent foraging in woodlands or riding on brooms, one can expect a little untidiness from time to time.

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