Home Squeak Home

The world is dangerous when one is so tiny, but being small can also help you find a safe space. You need no caves or great shelters, just the cosy pocket of a caring friend. It’s not unusual to see mages with tiny familiars living about their person, be it in a shirt pocket or the hood of a jacket, or perhaps inside the pointed mages’ hat. Cecil has his place in the pocket of his mage’s blazer, and he has set himself up comfortably.   

Where necessary, these safe spaces are adapted to accommodate their tiny inhabitants – mice, for example, often store food and supplies for the winter, and mice familiar have the same urges. Cecil has a number of tiny cloth foraging bags and some glass storage bottles (previously used for ink) that he keeps in the bottom of the pocket, should the urge to stash something away become too much. Back home, the goods are decanted and stored more suitably, leaving the pocket clean and tidy for the next day.

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