Hector is a goofball. Thankfully not in an annoying or troublesome way, but he will find something fun in more or less anything. Crystal balls and any other kind of scrying device are often turned into a moment of humour. Some might get annoyed that he is not using the tool properly, but he argues not – he looks into the future and sees more laughter to come, and who are we to tell him he’s wrong?

Many younger students – mage or familiar – may be uncomfortable with a class or unsure of where to start, but a moment of silliness from Hector lets everyone untangle their nerves. So what if you can’t see anything in the mists of time just yet? Have a laugh at your own distorted face as it peers back at you. Maybe when you stop trying so hard that you confuse yourself, you’ll find a moment of clarity and catch a glimpse of a clearer future.

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