Flotsam’s Gatekeeper

Street may look like an ordinary street but it is heavily guarded. Not by armoured guards or a terrible beast, but by a grumpy cat familiar named Margo. She guards it not to be unreasonable, but because she and her mage found a nest of three rare, shining eggs, and every creature, curious child, nosy familiar and mischief-seeking fae seems intent on breaking in. A repeat offender is a nosy fox familiar from across town, which Margo often ends up seeing off with sharp claws.

These sorts of eggs have never been seen before and many are curious what will hatch from them. Sometimes they peep or squeak, or one shifts slightly in its nest of grass and leaves and seaweed and driftwood. No parent has ever returned to check on them, so Margo keeps a careful watch over the cluster, and will do until they finally hatch, whenever that may be.

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