Master Mossglide

Master Mossglide (Moss for short) is a professional when it comes to the noble craft of food magic. Many mages learn various kitchen spells and recipes, often used to subtly boost health or mood, or to protect against cooking fires or disease, or to protect family while they’re out at work. While the spells are often quite easy to do, it takes many hours of trial and error to make sure that a recipe works correctly each time.

Master Moss can sniff out ingredients in a flash, detect the perfect ripeness or flavour or potency, measure the perfect amount of seasoning just from looking. She knows the use of every ingredient from rote, and has great stores of bottles and jars and cloth pouches and paper bags full of everything she might need. She and her mage write recipes for books, for magazines, for local newspapers, and answer letters from struggling mages dealing with more obscure issues. It may seem a simple craft but it is deeply rooted in the everyday efforts of many, and that should not diminish the hard work that goes on behind the scenes.

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