Sometimes pegasus foals are graceful, smooth, lithe things, and sometimes they are like Tumbleweed, a little bit more messy and a little bit more proud of it. She loves her wild and colourful mane, and assures me it feels amazing in the wind when she’s flying. Although she may give the impression of being clumsy … Continue reading Tumbleweed


Rocket is quite the adventurer. For one so small he is remarkably bold and will often leap without looking, sometimes landing himself in a spot of bother. Only two weeks back he rolled himself eagerly off a steep hillside and rolled himself right into a gryphon nest, where the chicks where quite baffled by the … Continue reading Rocket


Pepe’s wool grows rapidly. In a few short weeks he can go from being smooth and clipped to being almost spherical, and nobody is quite sure how he does it, but he seems happier when he’s cosy and snug in his deep, deep wool. It must be shorn from time to time or it will … Continue reading Cosy


Echo is often dusty. She just is. She and her mage help keep a storage room for many kinds of ingredients and supplies, but of course a wolf cannot climb the ladders to the taller shelves so she instead focuses on the sacks of petals and herbs and dried fungi that are kept on the … Continue reading Dusty

Country Ways

It can be jarring for city folk to first see country mages. City mages often have city-suited familiars such as cats, dogs, foxes, crows, seagulls, and so on. But the mages of the rolling hills and steep mountains and endless farmland can have any sort of suited animal, and horses are quite common. Many country … Continue reading Country Ways


Some familiars have… unfortunate names. Many are named by excited, giggly children, and that is how we ended up with a dragon named Umbra, short for Umbrella. She was found in the rain, covering her head with her wings as if they were umbrellas and… the name stuck. Familiars can be very sensitive about their … Continue reading Umbrella


The Speckled Red Dashwing is a butterfly fading to history. It feeds on the flowers of a plant that has, admittedly, been overharvested, and thus the butterflies are diminishing. Eustace has taken it upon himself to make a garden for the butterflies where they can feed and grow as much as they need. Eustace would, … Continue reading Dashwings


While it’s not necessary to make your magic decorative or pretty, many choose to add the additional flourishes. Often it is simply a smoke bomb or a splash of dragon dust thrown in for effect, but it makes the experience more enjoyable for those doing it, and for any spectators. Brighteye and her mage often … Continue reading Flair