Rainy Fae

Fae children love the rain. They can be very small and hard to see and sometimes invisible altogether, but if you see sharp little splashes in puddles that do not match those of the raindrops, it may well be a playful young fae.

While many adult fae have quick wings to carry themselves where needed, the wings of the children are too small to lift them off the ground, though they can at least slow a fall, if needed. So the younglings make their play and mischief in the grass and moss, in tree roots and in outhouses, in ponds and puddles and chicken coops and woodpiles. They’re fast on their feet and can hold their breath for far longer than a human or dwarf can.

If you think you may have playful fae in your garden, you can leave them interesting and shiny things to play with – they especially enjoy wooden buttons, as these can be rolled, stacked, spun, hung to make swings or obstacle courses, used as plates and trays, and all sorts. They also like paints and inks, so leave your empty inkpots out for them and their slender limbs will reach the last drops at the bottom. Just don’t be too upset about all the tiny handprints you’ll inevitably find around the place.

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