Careful Nature

Don’t be fooled by sweet looks and shaggy forms – spirits can be wild and fierce things. They can run like the wind, leap over mountains and canyons, dive to the deepest depths of the oceans. Some can even fly without wings, running or swimming through the air in chase of their target. And easily you may become a target. While most spirits are patient and tolerant, many are protective of their territories and may well attempt to drive a stranger away the minute they come close.  

Spirits are often portrayed as “good” – but what is good to a physical embodiment of nature? Their morals are different from our own, and first and foremost they protect balance and order in the world. If you disturb that balance, even by accident, any watching spirit may give you anything from a gentle word of advice to a set of snapping fangs at your heels. Thankfully the latter is rare, but it is still best to take care.

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