Small And Mighty

People envy magic sometimes, thinking it to be important or grand or special, but even if it is those things, it does not diminish the efforts and achievements of others. Yes, as a mage and familiar, my girl and I can make amazing things from flowers and herbs and all sorts of plants, but we can only do that because of the world that made them. Without the bees and butterflies there would be no flowers.

It’s easy to forget our own importance sometimes. Do these bugs and butterflies know how vital they are? Do they have any idea how important they are? No, because they’re just doing what they always do and to them, that is nothing special. Our world would be very different without them, and not in a good way. Our skills don’t have to be grand or showy to have value. You can be a flower, or you can be a butterfly, or you can be the mage that makes the potions, but each is as important as the other.

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