Dawn Chorus

Some people might complain about the dawn chorus, when the waking birds begin their usual daily chatter, usually at an undesirable hour. But there are some places where the typical garden birds are joined by families of local gryphons. These far larger creatures with their far louder voices are just as keen to yell at the dusky dawn.

Gryphons also have their own language, often softly chattered or trilled, but in some of the more built up areas, it is not uncommon for gryphons to pick up commonly spoken human words and phrases. Too often has a town been disturbed by a shrill squawk of “good morning!” or “’ello!”. Some gryphons nest on rooftops or in barns and outbuildings, and the nests of babies can be heard parroting random words all through the night. My particular favourite was the youngster that mimicked the farmer’s dogs, and would lean out of its nest to bark at anyone that approached.

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