Dragons very much enjoy fields. Summer days with strong winds and an array of scents in the air are the best kinds of days for dragons, and it’s not uncommon to see dragons with their wings outstretched in fields as if flying, but without the effort. They will face into the wind and lift their wings and “settle” on the breeze, eyes unfocused, noses snuffling, fur and feathers rustling.

Sometimes whole families of dragons can be seen lined up on the tops of hills, enjoying the sun – it is an especially popular pastime at noon, when they can bask in the sunlight at the same time. While the sight is wonderful to see and it is tempting to join them with your arms outstretched, it is an unfortunate problem for farmers to find their crops crushed or trampled. Some fields may have fenced off grassy mounds at the peak of a hill or the middle of a field – it’s better to waste a little space than see a crop ruined.

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