It’s not uncommon for country dwellers to find an unusual creature living in their woodpiles. These long, limber drakes are woodwyrms, and they feed on mushrooms, moss, insects, small mammals and birds, and have sometimes even been seen taking morsels from the birdfeeders. They’re quite friendly things for the most part, but they can become defensive of their woodpiles and may prevent homeowners from taking their fuel.

Befriending the wyrms is a logical solution, as the woodwyrm will help keep moss and fungi from taking over in the colder months, and also make very effective deterrents from any neighbours wishing to “borrow” from your woodpile. Take old logs and branches and make some dark, soggy patches here and there about your garden. The wyrms will claim them all and be less protective of the original pile. Having a woodwyrm patrolling the vegetable patch is also a great way to keep away smaller pests like rabbits or hares that might sneak in for supper.

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