Easy Crossing

In the daytime, this lake is a hubbub of activity, full of serpents and merfolk and all sorts of things. But in the night, when all are sleeping and the waters fall still, that is the time to cross. Here, people do not use boats – it draws far too much attention – but a nearby spirit tree sheds these huge leaves so often that the lake creatures think nothing of seeing them floating on the surface.

Every night we slip across the still water as silently as we can, hoping to reach the glens and groves on the opposite side. The area sees a lot of fae activity and the plants that grow there are strange and beautiful, with unusual properties essential for the local mages. Sometimes, as we take our little leafboat back home, we can see shimmering lights and rippling footsteps following along behind the boat as the fae walk us home. Some might be afraid, but there is no need – if they wished us any harm, they could have done so long ago.

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