Ruby Racers

Many adult dragons have humble, natural pelts, often in sandy yellows and earthy browns and sleepy greens. But Ruby Racers are an unusually bold sort with bright red scales and almost no patterning, making them especially striking. These compact dragons typically grow no larger than a common horse but are some of the fastest fliers around, hunting around mountain tops or sweeping across wide open fields like fireworks.

Ruby Racers are notably curious creatures and there are many reports of “attacks” from travellers. In reality, these nosy dragons have wandered over, sometimes in groups, and nuzzled a traveller to the floor as they search through backs and pockets, sniffing out any treats of snacks that might be concealed. Whole nests of fledges may tumble over a traveller as they tussle and play, and any food found will be greedily devoured. To deter Racers, simply carry a pocketful of rosemary – for some reason these particular dragons dislike the smell and while they may come close by to look, they will probably keep their distance.

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