All That Glitters

Although we may consider fae beautiful and ethereal, they are a part of this world just as everything else is and, like many other things, fae have natural enemies. There are sneaky little creatures that hide in the dark and tempt their prey with shiny offerings, with shimmering acorns or gold-laced leaves, or gems and coins and other riches.

The lure may be obvious and you may think that no sensible fae would fall for such a ploy, but sadly fae are almost blind to danger when gold and treasure are involved. They can be easily led and easily duped, but the trance is quickly ended at the first signs of danger. And do not forget, fae have strong, tricky magic, and are not easily caught or harmed.

Still, the nameless, rarely seen fae-hunters are an interesting sort and little studied – are they fae themselves, or are they something entirely different?

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