The Mill Keeper

Spirits typically rise from entirely organic, natural things, often trees or rocks or rivers, old and established, seated deeply as important parts of the landscape. But the mill in Peakton Village has given rise to a particularly unusual kind of spirit – one that has risen from a manufactured structure.

It’s true that the mill is vital to the village and can be seen as a landmark from miles around. It’s the heart of the village, so it makes sense that a spirit might grow from it, but to see a mix of wild and made like the great eagle is quite rare. It has wings and tail like the blades of the windmill, but the body and mind of a true eagle.  The sound of its flight is very distinctive, like creaking wood and sheets flapping on the laundry line, and it has two voices: a deep, rumbling creak like stone, or a shrill, biting cry of an eagle.

It doesn’t have much to do with the villagers of Peakton but they love it very much anyway, and are very proud of it. Travellers are often afraid of the spirit, or see it as a hoax.

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