Good Stuff

This if my favourite job! You might not think it, but clay is used a lot in all sorts of magical things – charms and trinkets, skin care, powders, balms, scale balms, feather baths, all sorts. And I get to dig it up! Oh, I love doing this!

It’s amazing, isn’t it, how this sloppy, clumpy clay can be shaped into so many things. It can be left soft, it can be dried to dust, it can be baked to bricks, it can be fine and light as a feather, or as solid and heavy as a rock. Sometimes it can be reused, or its form can be changed later. It’s never at the end; it always has room to change. And it’s great fun to squish between your toes! I just have to wash my paws carefully or my pads can get very dry…

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