Sow Big

So maybe I can’t spell very well, but I can sure keep a garden! Look at these seedlings, I only planted them yesterday! Dug the soil up myself with my own scrappy paws.

We’ve got huge grand “pumpkings” and mighty corn and these… These Golden Giant potatoes will be the heart of the midwinter feast… Baked until fluffy and drenched in butter and fruity sauces and gravy… One potato can feed a family, they’re so big, and can be stored long over winter and into the following year.

They’re so big and the crop yields so many that we often end up donating a lot of them about the village, as we do with the giant pumpkins and corn, too. Although last year one of the neighbour’s children told us how tired they were of potato… obviously there had been leftovers for days…

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