Orchid Fae

Orchid fae are rare and shy, often hiding in the dense grass as a splash of colour, or running away into the shadows at the first sign of strangers. Although they may look splendid and regal, they are quite ordinary in how they live and behave, and are no more or less magical than their common grass cousins.

Still, they tend to be regarded as lucky sightings or hard-won prizes. Gardeners take it as a great compliment to find an orchid fae in their garden. As these fae often dine on petals, some would consider them a pest to gardeners. In turn, the bolder grass fae will defend a garden territory from pests, so would likely be considered favourable over orchid fae.

Most fae are lovely to have as friendly neighbours, but rarity adds a false value to these shy little faeires that makes it hard for them to make true friends. If you ever find an orchid fae as your neighbour, please be a good friend.

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