Slow Life

The spirit of the Steaming Chasm is an eerie thing. It’s quiet and slow and barely moves at all, always watching, always listening. Many are frightened of it, and few will enter the caves leading to the chasm for fear of finding it walking the tunnels. Sometimes, there are strange, echoing songs coming from deep in the inky black water, or there might be more or fewer bubbles in the pools. The caves can feel barren and cold, and as though nothing save for scraps of grass or pond weed may grow.

But the forest above is a jewel of abundance. It thrives on the rising water and grows tall, strong, greener than green, with leaves bigger than a full-grown man, grass so tall as to dwarf a dragon, flowers larger than a house. Sometimes the spirit is seen in pools at the surface, or hiding in the overgrowth.

This is the spirit of slow growth, of regeneration and timeless life.

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