Regal Lampwyrms

There are many kinds of lampwyrms and they come in a wonderful array of patterns and designs. As they most commonly dwell in cities and towns these days, their decoration and colouration seems to be adapting to match the tone of the architecture, as can be seen with these Regal Lampwyrms. The aged copper and intricate metalwork of the lamps and signs of the town seem to have drawn the interest of these little dragon-like creatures, and they can be seen perching on them all through dusk and into the night, waiting for moths and flies to arrive.

Lamp designs have in turn changed to deal with the wyrms. Many now have covers at their tops for the wyrms to sit on, and any ventilation holes are made small enough that juveniles cannot get themselves stuck behind the glass. To prevent breakages, the glass has been reduced and the metal framework made more decorative to accommodate smaller panes.

It may seem a lot of effort, but it has resulted in a more attractive night scene, friendly lampwyrm neighbours, and a notable reduction in mosquitoes.

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