Squeaky Clean

Oh, hello, welcome! This is the Squeaky Clean Soap Emporium! Our soaps aren’t just for bath time, you know, although we do sell those kinds, too – no, our soap is for magical stuff. Spill a potion on yourself? You’ll need our deep cleaning sharpmint and witch hazel soap to make sure all the ingredients are completely removed. Someone has hexed you, or cast a spell on you that’s gone wrong? For quick relief you can try our spell-removing soap with beetroot, thyme and honey. It’ll keep the worst of it at bay while you find someone who can properly disenchant you. We recommend Master Ultz over in Mannan Avenue.

My favourite is just our normal range of soaps for cleaning the skin. We’ve got all sorts for all needs, but they’re all tailored to not be too pungent for familiars. I love this honey, lemon and chamomile one, with a spike of summer grass when sniffed closely. I’m also fond of this blue one, blueberry, lavender, sea salt, and a hint of aged windroot… It’s like being caught up in a clean spring breeze.

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