Cinder’s Cliff

There is a long road through these mountains but few places to stop along its steep, winding route. One of these places is a cave under a great cliff, where the snows and winds cannot blow all the way in, and the weary travellers are safe to rest on solid ground without fear of rocks falling.

For as long as anyone can remember, this cave and its campers has been guarded by a spirit, known to travellers as Cinders. She seems drawn to the campfires and often tends to them through the night, or will quiet a fire that burns too strongly. She has even been known to start fires for rain-drenched travellers who are too soggy to be useful. Although rarely seen in summer, she can be seen plain as day on cold winter nights and will sometimes even leave the area to help find missing travellers, leading them to safety like a beacon. As payment for her attention, it is seen as good practice to leave some beans in tomato sauce in the pan for her. She is especially fond of the spicy ones.

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