Witch’s Brew

A delicious, undeniable concoction… A potion to tame even the wildest beast or settle the galloping heart… Tea is one of the oldest potions known, and there are so many kinds that it could be considered a craft all on its own, and I will be bold enough to name myself its Master.

With potions, you have to add ingredients in just the right form at just the right time, at just the right temperature, or things become bitter, or things lose their potency, or things just end up… gross. Teacraft is much the same. Add spices and flowers and herbs for all kinds of tastes and moods – drinking a cup of my amber and lavender honey is like drinking a cup of liquid sunshine. The secret is the Elder Honey, which comes from the hardy elder bees; great big things that nest high up in tall mountain spruces and drink from the bright heathers and craggy roses that grow there. They produce so much honey that it runs out the hives and down the trunks, and a local mage has taken to bottling the delicious golden river when it’s in full flow.

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