Long Haul

It’s my first trip away and I’m excited! I’ve never been on a boat before, or over any water, or that far from home. My mage and I, we’re going to train with Master Foddle, an expert in navigation as well as seacraft and weathercraft. We wanna do lots of travelling and sight-seeing, though hopefully when I’m older I’ll be able to fly us everywhere and save on the ticket prices.

I’ve not packed much, we dragons are very resourceful! I’ve got my scarf, of course, and my scale buff, and my horn polish, and my gum salve and my nail files and my toothbrush. And my blanket. And a few books to read. And my favourite toy. Or two. And my jumper, for if it’s cold, and my towels for if it’s wet, and my kite for if it’s windy, and hat for if it’s snowy.

So you see, not a lot, I’m a dragon, after all!

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