Well Equipped

You like my outfit? It has pockets! So many pockets! Every autumn I go around the woodlands and meadows and gather the seeds and fruits of local plants, especially the endangered ones or the ones for medicine. I can squeeze into all the nooks and crannies looking for anything that might be useful, or lost to a dark patch of roots or a dense clump of grass. Sometimes you find seeds from far-away plants, brought here and dropped by birds or travellers. I found some Silver Humberry seeds a few years ago!

This year I’m looking for many of the flower and grass seeds. Last year, storms came and washed a lot of things away in the torrents, so I’ve got to make the most of the bright weather and easy days. In particular I’ve been asked to find some “Golden Rhodana” wheat seeds – apparently it used to grow around here a lot, and is an older variety with a wonderful nutty flavour. Hopefully I can find some, I want to try it for myself!

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