Dawn Chorus

Some people might complain about the dawn chorus, when the waking birds begin their usual daily chatter, usually at an undesirable hour. But there are some places where the typical garden birds are joined by families of local gryphons. These far larger creatures with their far louder voices are just as keen to yell at … Continue reading Dawn Chorus


Dragons very much enjoy fields. Summer days with strong winds and an array of scents in the air are the best kinds of days for dragons, and it’s not uncommon to see dragons with their wings outstretched in fields as if flying, but without the effort. They will face into the wind and lift their … Continue reading Uplift


Potions are satisfying to make but woof, they can really stink. Not a little stink either, but a proper stink, the kind that makes your head spin and your face hurt and your toes curl. It passes, but many potions have that stage in their brewing where you just want to stop. It’s true of … Continue reading Stink


It’s not uncommon for country dwellers to find an unusual creature living in their woodpiles. These long, limber drakes are woodwyrms, and they feed on mushrooms, moss, insects, small mammals and birds, and have sometimes even been seen taking morsels from the birdfeeders. They’re quite friendly things for the most part, but they can become … Continue reading Woodwyrms

Ruby Racers

Many adult dragons have humble, natural pelts, often in sandy yellows and earthy browns and sleepy greens. But Ruby Racers are an unusually bold sort with bright red scales and almost no patterning, making them especially striking. These compact dragons typically grow no larger than a common horse but are some of the fastest fliers … Continue reading Ruby Racers

Relish It

It might not seem like much, but it’s a lot of work to grow plants and fruits this perfect! You gotta keep them watered and clean, let them breathe, clear away the wilting leaves and the wasted flowers, chase away the pests, keep away any dust or mildew that might form… And I’m only little! … Continue reading Relish It