Pick Your Own

Fruit drakes are exactly as you might imagine – fruity. They hide orchards and fields, their hides and decorations echoing the crop around them. They do eat the fruit, but the farmers rarely mind, for they eat all the potential pests, too, and they’re quite territorial, guarding their little patch fiercely. If a drake is … Continue reading Pick Your Own

Rainy Fae

Fae children love the rain. They can be very small and hard to see and sometimes invisible altogether, but if you see sharp little splashes in puddles that do not match those of the raindrops, it may well be a playful young fae. While many adult fae have quick wings to carry themselves where needed, … Continue reading Rainy Fae

Dawn Chorus

Some people might complain about the dawn chorus, when the waking birds begin their usual daily chatter, usually at an undesirable hour. But there are some places where the typical garden birds are joined by families of local gryphons. These far larger creatures with their far louder voices are just as keen to yell at … Continue reading Dawn Chorus


Dragons very much enjoy fields. Summer days with strong winds and an array of scents in the air are the best kinds of days for dragons, and it’s not uncommon to see dragons with their wings outstretched in fields as if flying, but without the effort. They will face into the wind and lift their … Continue reading Uplift


Potions are satisfying to make but woof, they can really stink. Not a little stink either, but a proper stink, the kind that makes your head spin and your face hurt and your toes curl. It passes, but many potions have that stage in their brewing where you just want to stop. It’s true of … Continue reading Stink