Spick And Span

Gosssh, hello again! Don’t worry, isss jussst me, SSSelma. I’m doing sssome cleaning, before the ssstudentsss return. Gotta make sssure isss all niccce for them. The library getsss awfully dusssty with all thessse old booksss and ssscrollsss. I love dusssting. It feelsss ssso sssatisssfying, like all the ssshelvesss are getting a good bath. We only … Continue reading Spick And Span

Lift Off

My boy is a puka, one of the shape-shifting people of the mountain cities. All puka can change forms, even the ones without magic, and most choose to become a bird. It takes practice and early attempts often result in some strange looking creatures, but most have mastered at least one form by the time … Continue reading Lift Off


This book was supposed to be written for a variety of familiars, by a variety of familiars, but I don’t think that’s entirely true… The book only describes these mushrooms by colour. How am I supposed to identify safe mushrooms from dangerous ones by colour alone? Doggy eyes don’t see all colours! Tell me what … Continue reading Senseless


There are wonders in all parts of the worrrld, including in the swamps, rrrbit. There are lilies like crrrystals, and bugs like jewels, and still waterrrs full of moss and snails and all sorrrts of frrriendly things. The swamps and ponds are quiet places forrr thinking and feeling. Feel the mud between your fingerrrs, and … Continue reading Swamped

Cast Off

Ahh, another fine day! Another spell well cast, and another basket of my favourite snacks attained. These villages are spoiling me rotten and I, Caster the Unidonk, shall not turn down their kindness. There is far too much for me to carry, so perhaps I shall stay here a day or two and rest, for … Continue reading Cast Off