I am not clumsy! It’s not my fault that these glass bottles are hard for my soft, smooth, lovely paws to grasp. I’m trying to be helpful and gather what I need but what else can I do?

Okay, yes, I did spill that potion yesterday, also. And I dropped that basket of wimbleweed. And I burnt the scotchtop last week. And I put blue mustard into that potion a few days back instead of white mustard, blah, blah, I get it! Maybe I am a little clumsy, so what? I’ve not harmed anyone.

My tail? Oh that? That wasn’t my fault. The slickweed syrup leaked in my bag and oozed down my tail and all the fur just slipped right off. The little jar broke in the bottom of the bag, but it shouldn’t have done, it was all wrapped up snug in my hat! There were a few books on top of it, but that wasn’t enough to break it, surely?

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