There are some very intimidating looking dragons on the sandy hills around here, but do not be too wary of them. Though wild, they’re often quiet and still, simply basking in the sunshine or tending their shifting nests. You may hear them sing along with the winds, too – a high, bird-like trill around the hottest parts of the day, or at night a deep, mellow rumble that sets the dunes shivering.

Should you ever meet one at close proximity, please do not be too alarmed. The multitudes of spikes that cover the dragons’ hides are for the most part quite flexible and forgiving, and are used by the dragons to cool down or warm up. Their shrunken wings are often spread or tucked accordingly.

The only reason you may find yourself on poor terms with one of these dragons is if you were to interfere with their nests – pretty rocks and plants and trinkets stored in a neat scoop in the sand, which can be slightly glassy to the touch from the dragon’s breath. It takes them a long time to make their nests as they like them, and they do not thank strangers for interfering.

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