Sometimes a very rare thing happens, when a familiar is quite clearly intended for a purpose, and in the case of Tyler and Ted, that purpose is quite clear. Though presently still students of the night sky, it will be interesting to see what comes of their efforts when they are both fully trained.

Tyler had an interest in the stars and planets even as a very small child, so Ted is a very fitting companion. The two are often up all night with their telescopes and maps and charts, following the paths of comets and the positions of the planets as they dance their wide, careful dance.

It may seem like a burden, to some, to have spirits or destiny plan out your life in this manner but remember: this does not have to be their job. Ted is not here to force Tyler’s future, rather he is here to share a passion and interest, be it for a career or purely for fun. All that matters is that both find joy in what they do. If they happen to find something new along the way, or encourage a little curiosity in others, all the better.

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