Summer Fashions

Wood drakes can be quite plain creatures, but it’s not unusual for them to search the abundant forest for what they deem as decorative additions, especially in the summer months. The males tend to favour bold colours and the females tend to prefer expanses of foliage. Berries, flowers, ferns, nuts, mushrooms… they’re all fair game and can result in some rather gaudy designs. The drakes can get rather protective of their finds and will guard trees and brushes ferociously. Foodstuffs like berries or fruits are in particularly high demand and its not unheard of for a drake to guard an especially vibrant sort for days at a time.

Though they typically dwell in woodlands, the drakes can also be seen around grass and farmlands, where they decorate themselves like beautiful floral haystacks of grass and ferns, and are often trailed by bees and butterflies.

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