My Joy and I, we’re daredevils. We put on shows all across the land, and complete in challenges for rewards. We’ve dodged around moody dragons, we’ve climbed (with my wings tied) up mountain faces, and we’ve dived to the bottoms of lakes and seas for treasure.

Some might say it’s a waste of our magic and training but who are they to decide? We make our living, we bother nobody, and we spread entertainment wherever we go. Sometimes we retrieve items or supplies that are hard to get but vitally important, such as the blue-speck crawly shells from the bottom of Collar Lake. They’re very hard to get and are an essential ingredient in the potion for Butternox Fever. And we got some scales from the coral serpent’s nest, known to help arthritis, and the feathers of the cliffbrawler, which are the best things to help with nightmares. We may be unconventional but we’re far from wasteful!

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