Always Take A Hamper

I always take a hamper with you. It might seem like another thing to carry, but when you’re in the middle of a wonderful field with a wonderful sky overhead, there is nothing more delightful than just the right sandwich and a cup of tea. Imagine being here, listening to the birds and the insects and the wind in the grass… and the growl of your empty stomach.

Grass is nice and all, but I eat a lot of lunch. But I’m a big girl, I can carry a big basket! I carry lots of other things, too, in case the weather gets bad around us, or we stray too far to return home that night, and I have many empty bags to fill with finds and supplies. But without a good lunch my knees buckle, my stomach groans, and no amount of nibbling grass with satisfy it. I will feel the missing lunch far more than the weight of an unneeded hamper.

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