Boot Botherer

Warm sunny days lie ahead, and Reynir has taken to lounging in the grass with any chewable object he can get his jaws around. Today it would appear to be my rain boots, likely snatched from by the back door while I was distracted with chores. Avert your gaze for even a second and something will get chomped.

I suspect his baby teeth (egg-pegs) will start to shed soon and the urge to chew must be quite frustrating for him. I have several bones on order from the butcher for both Reynir and Flitch, but in the meantime, those old boots may have to be sacrificed if it means a little peace and comfort. Dragons, even baby ones, do not make good company when grumpy.

His next set of teeth, which should last him for a year or two, depending on how fast he grows, will start to come in over the next month. His lost teeth will likely be swallowed as he plays, or lost to the grass, but I’d like to pick up a couple if I can. When he’s an adult dragon I’ll show him his tiny baby teeth, each like a sharpened grain of rice, and chuckle about how small he once was.

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