Spick And Span

Gosssh, hello again! Don’t worry, isss jussst me, SSSelma. I’m doing sssome cleaning, before the ssstudentsss return. Gotta make sssure isss all niccce for them. The library getsss awfully dusssty with all thessse old booksss and ssscrollsss.

I love dusssting. It feelsss ssso sssatisssfying, like all the ssshelvesss are getting a good bath. We only get to clean during the holidaysss, isss too busssy during the sssemessster. I love cleaning in the sssummer the bessst, when the sssunssshine makesss the wood glisssten like honey, and the plantsss look ssso alive and healthy, and the ssstudentsss work ssso hard to get their ssstudiesss done.

But then again, I like winter, too, when the ssshelvesss are cosssy and dark and the neat ssstacksss of booksss and ssscrollsss make you want to cuddle up with a mug of cocoa and read a fun adventure… And the ssstudentsss are sssleepy and calm and comfortable…

Now I can’t decide…

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