Lift Off

My boy is a puka, one of the shape-shifting people of the mountain cities. All puka can change forms, even the ones without magic, and most choose to become a bird. It takes practice and early attempts often result in some strange looking creatures, but most have mastered at least one form by the time they are adults. Some manage two or three forms in a lifetime.

Puka mages have it a little easier, and can often change into creatures of their imagination. My boy enjoys being a bird – though he still has a long way to go – but has adapted his look to better suit his needs, favouring a longer tail and a sticking to a more human-like form. Trying to teach him how to fly is hard, as his rooted mind likes to stay low to the ground and glide as much as possible. But to really soar he must dare the heights above the treetops and let the winds carry him high, high, high.

He’ll get there one day, and perhaps for now we had better focus on safe landings before anything else…

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