This book was supposed to be written for a variety of familiars, by a variety of familiars, but I don’t think that’s entirely true… The book only describes these mushrooms by colour. How am I supposed to identify safe mushrooms from dangerous ones by colour alone? Doggy eyes don’t see all colours!

Tell me what they smell like! Tell me if they’re big or small! Tell me about the gills, and the stems, and the patterns, and the feel! Some of them have velvety tops, some of them have rough tops; some of them smell musty and others smell sweet. Some of them have neat dots, some of them have dots and rings. Some have black frilly gills underneath, others don’t. There are so many ways to describe these mushrooms to someone but no, let’s just stick to colour. Simple, huh?

Oh well, I’ll just have to take a few of each kind as I see them and let someone else decide.

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