No Invitation

Some fae dances happen at set times – solstices, in particular. But other times, under full moons or new moons or any combination, you may find great swirls of fae rising into the night, singing and laughing, filling the air with a sweet scent of flowers even in winter. It is a beautiful spectacle to watch and as it only happens for a short time, without any discernable schedule, it can be hard to catch. Should you chance upon one, and if the wind is calm enough that you can hear their songs, they will likely stick in your head for days as pleasing earworms until all of a sudden they are gone, and you cannot even begin to recall them.

The fae do not mind polite and respectful spectators, but leave it at that. Do not try to join in, or the fae will scatter in a whizz of giggling shrieks and whoops. If they feel you have stepped too close, you may even find yourself falling asleep in the grass, only to wake up without shoes and socks in the middle of nowhere. If you had any jewellery that is likely gone, also.

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