In Search Of Brurr’s Keeper

Brurr Plains is a great stretch of icy land that never sees thaw. Few live in these hostile lands, but there is talk enough of a Keeper, a spirit of ice that watches the long winters. For what? We’re not sure, but anything could live in these unexplored wilds. We are documenting spirits, so we would like to meet this one for ourselves – a bear of great size, capped with snow and ice, moving slowly like a drifting berg of ice.

From our camp to the east, we have searched for days across this endless tundra, but neither magic nor sense has detected anything beyond snow and ice. Storms roll by and the night sky checks in on us every now and then, but even with the help of moonlight we cannot find this Keeper. It could be anywhere, miles away or right under our noses, but I suspect we shall never find it. Unless we are lucky in the next day or two, we shall probably admit defeat and move on to warmer lands.

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