There are wonders in all parts of the worrrld, including in the swamps, rrrbit. There are lilies like crrrystals, and bugs like jewels, and still waterrrs full of moss and snails and all sorrrts of frrriendly things.

The swamps and ponds are quiet places forrr thinking and feeling. Feel the mud between your fingerrrs, and the soft stems of grass and the sharp edges of the rrreeds. The birds crrroak, the frrrogs sing, and the wind whispers away your gnawing thoughts. You cannot help but become one with the swamp when you visit it, as it sinks into your clothes and hairrr, as the dirrrt nestles under your nails and the plants rrreach out to shake your hands as you pass.

Maybe that’s why some people don’t like the swamp. It can feel as though it is all around you, but so what if it is? To be surrrrounded by the peace and stillness of this place is wonderrrful thing.

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