A Dampener

Are you kidding me? I just got these clothes on the line! The sky was lovely and clear a minute ago!

Weather magic may seem cool and important but that weather has gotta go somewhere. You want a lovely sunny day, you’ve gotta push that rain onto someone else, and all too often it seems to be me. And if you do it too much, the weather can build and build until a little bit of drizzle becomes a raging thunderstorm, or a flurry of hail becomes a blizzard.

Becoming a Master of weather magic is one of the hardest crafts there is, and few ever pass the tests to earn the title. It takes years of study to learn how to safely dispel weather, or how to soften or quiet a storm, or melt snow without causing a flood. You don’t have to be a Master to use the magic, however, so anyone with enough practice can give it a shot. We’ve already decided we’re going to try for mastery, my mage and I, if only to get the laundry dry on time.

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