Cast Off

Ahh, another fine day! Another spell well cast, and another basket of my favourite snacks attained. These villages are spoiling me rotten and I, Caster the Unidonk, shall not turn down their kindness. There is far too much for me to carry, so perhaps I shall stay here a day or two and rest, for my travels take me far and wide about these valleys and hills.

The skill of weatherwork comes easily to me. Like many grazers I find it far more agreeable to nibble in the warm whispers of the sunshine than in the stinging damp of the rain. Rain is important, one cannot put it off forever, but what’s the harm in a sunny afternoon? Crops grow, laundry dries, moods lift… Why, it’s no wonder these villagers show their gratitude as they do! Whoever wouldn’t applaud my efforts?

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