Fresh Start

Another tree falls. The end of a forest giant might seem sad in the eyes of many, but in the dense forests such as these it allows for a breath of new life, a rare chance for something brave to dare its way into the sunlight.

Woodland spirits are often just as in need of sunlight as the plants around them, and after decades in the shadows the golden light can pull life from even the most sedate spirits. Once the light hits their skin or bark or leaves the growth begins, and the forest as a whole will see a burst of new energy. Even if the lost tree was the spirit’s origin, it might feel a relief from shedding its old life to grow again as something entirely different.

Spirits can be terribly afraid of change – in some ways, it is their very nature to preserve and protect; it is often how and why they come to be in the first place. If change is needed, it must be taken slowly and clearly, lest the spirit become aggressive and dangerous.

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