Welcomed Company

I’ve never had to walk this crystal path before and, you know, it’s kinda scary! I’m only little and it’s hard to see what’s coming or where I’ve been. There are strange noises in these caves and lots of moving shadows and so many other things that keep spooking me!

But there’s someone else, too. Another walks these caves, just the other side of the crystals. I can’t see them properly but they look very big and tough, like they could fight off anything, and they seem very friendly, too. I waved, and they waved back at the same time! What a nice mouse. We even have matching hats and bags! I wonder if I’ll ever find out who they are? I call out to them but they never respond.

Nevermind. Just knowing a big, strong fellow like that is around has made me feel so much safer. They do seem quite familiar, though… I wonder if I’ve seen them before?

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