Not Again

Again? This is the fifth time this month I’ve caught this stupid spirit!

Oh, you thought spirits were wise and all-knowing and stuff? Apparently not all of ‘em. Apparently some of ‘em are too curious for their own good and have to come and investigate everything that comes to the water’s edge. I’m here trying to catch myself a fish supper and all I can see is a murky shape below the water. How am I supposed to know it’s not a fish?

Well, it kinda IS a fish, I guess, but I dare not eat it. There’s all sorts of tales about why you shouldn’t. Some say it makes you crazy, some say you’ll perish on the spot, and others say that you turn into a spirit yourself – which might sound neat, but I don’t want to guard a pond forever and ever. I’ve got things to do.

When I put it like that, I can’t be too cross at the daft thing… I guess I’d be bored and curious after centuries in one place. Maybe I can bring something to distract it next time, so I can hunt in peace. Maybe I’ll bring some flowers to float on the water, that should interest it.

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