Sometimes unicorns are born from horses and are free-spirited, untameable things. Sometimes unicorns are made by spirits, created as guardians to protect the delicate or rare parts of nature. Just as humans or dwarves or other kin may be granted a piece of a spirit’s realm so they may work magic, horses too may be gifted wands of wood or crystal, or sometimes even stone or bone. These rare unicorns also tend to change form as they grow in power, adopting physical attributes of the spirit that changed them.

Everdusk Forest has a particularly striking guardian. A black mare has guarded the heart of the woodland for many years and has slowly begun to change, her appearance growing more and more akin to the lion-like spirit that chose her. The local people know not to tread too deeply into those woods, for she is fast as lightning and as wild as they come. Only her former owner can get near her, and only they have seen what lies at the heart of the forest.

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