Stylish Finds

The woodlands in these parts are strange. They can go months at a time with no change, no fruit, nor seed, nor mushrooms, nor flowers, then pop! All at once the forest springs to life and the bounty comes all at once, in such quantity that no amount of foraging can make a dent in it. All the mages and herbalists and studiers swoop down onto the woodland with as many bags as they can carry – carefully, though, for the spirit does not tolerate clumsy gathering or rough treatment of her realm.

One crafter in the area has made an excellent living making various bags in all sorts of sizes and shapes for the many familiars that eagerly join in the gathering expeditions. Admittedly these handsome bags have become somewhat of a fashion statement between the familiars and it’s not unusual to see animals with matching hats, scarves, leg guards, and so on.

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